Instagram SEO Tips to Know and Practice

Instagram SEO Tips to Know and Practice

The idea of using Instagram for marketing your products or services isn't new these days. Increasing your Instagram following is the first and most important step in successfully marketing your company on Instagram. You have a better shot at generating revenue if you can reach more consumers. Therefore, optimizing your Instagram for search is essential.

After all, Instagram has a solid userbase of potential customers who have interest in brand communication:

Thus, getting discovered on the platform would be best to increase your following and find your potential customers who have genuine interest in your products. However, the learning curve is the most challenging aspect of Instagram SEO since it differs somewhat from the standard Google SEO practices.

To be a successful social media manager, you should learn why Instagram optimization is important and how to optimize your account for Instagram search in this comprehensive guide. But before getting into it, let's explore Instagram SEO.

About Instagram SEO in Brief

Instagram search engine optimization refers to the steps you take to make your account and posts more visible in Instagram's search results. More people will see your content, which means more potential followers and sales. Customers won't come knocking if they can't locate you.

With the right strategy, Instagram SEO may boost your brand's exposure. Here's how Instagram SEO works in action:

Thanks to SEO strategies, your Instagram posts will rise to the top of the search results

when users enter a query into the app. Everything from your content to related audio, tags, or locations may be included. Remember, in Instagram's opinion, the "top" material best fits the user's query.

Why Should You Pay Attention to Instagram SEO?

So, why is Instagram optimization even necessary? Why is Instagram so crucial that you should focus on increasing your visibility there?

Attract the right people

Instagram search engine optimization helps you reach customers actively looking for your products or services. It may assist you in attracting a more engaged audience of potential buyers who are more inclined to purchase.

Reach a wider audience

Optimizing your content for search engines is necessary if you want people to see it. Instagram SEO is useful in this situation. You may increase your exposure and attract more visitors by making your profile and content search-engine-friendly.

Stand out from the crowd

There is a lot of competition on Instagram, so standing out is crucial if you want your content to get seen. One of the most effective methods is optimizing your account for search engines.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Instagram SEO

Getting to the top of Instagram's search or suggestion results doesn't happen overnight. But following these Instagram SEO tactics will make you more visible to Instagram users.

1. Choose the Right  Instagram Account Username

You may increase your visibility in relevant search results by using a major keyword in your name and username. Remember that you usually have to use your actual brand name when choosing a username, so this may not always work.

If you operate in a certain area, it's a good idea to include the city in your username, just like in the example below:

However, you may discover a method to modify your profile name in the bio section. It would always help to choose Instagram usernames that give you the best visibility.

2. Write a Descriptive Instagram Bio

Using appropriate keywords in the bio and descriptions is another crucial part of Instagram SEO. You can include a brief biography (or "bio" for short) just below your Instagram profile. Your viewers will be able to grasp your brief introduction and get an impression of your activities and content thanks to it.

If you want your Instagram bio to rank well in search engines, you need to include the correct keywords. To reach a large audience, incorporate keywords in the captions and the bio. Thanks to this strategy, users worldwide can ultimately locate your post!

Here's a good example of this strategy from one brand that specialises in leather goods:

The above-mentioned examples has three main criterias:

  • It describes its business
  • It includes a branded hashtag
  • It hints at the origin of the business

3. Make Good Use of Instagram Geotags and Hashtags

One of the most effective strategies to reach new Instagram audiences is to include relevant and targeted geotags and hashtags in posts and stories. If your account is public, Instagram posts that include geaotags and hashtags will be shown on the results page.

Also, since people use hashtags to find fresh material, if you use the "right" ones, your target audience will see your posts even if they haven't interacted with you previously. You risk losing out on chances to optimize your account, increase interaction, and acquire followers if you don't have a well-thought-out hashtag strategy.

Likewise, Instagram now allows users to narrow their search results by location. The "Places" page allows users to browse material that has been geotagged with that specific place. It implies that one of the best ways to increase the visibility of your Instagram photos is to include location tags. People looking for material related to the area might discover and interact with your post.

4. Use Target Keywords Frequently

Hashtags and location tags are the only ways to search for content on Instagram's Explore page. On top of that, Instagram tailors its content suggestions to each user according to their activity and interests. If you often "like" articles on food, for example, your Explore page will probably show you more posts like that. Here's where the captions for your posts are useful.

With an account embedding structure, the Instagram Explore page algorithm can detect accounts that share related topics. In addition, it finds related accounts by analyzing the captions, names, and biographies for corresponding keywords. Therefore, if you want your Instagram captions to appear on the Explore page of relevant individuals, you need to utilize relevant keywords and be descriptive. To find relevant content for your account, Instagram will look at the keywords you use in the captions of your posts.

5. Team Up with the Niche Instagram Influencers

If you're not using niche Instagram influencers yet, you're losing out, particularly regarding Instagram SEO. You may benefit from their combined engagement because your followers and the other influencer's followers will see the same post.

For example, Dunkin has teamed up with local influencers to promote its XMas campaign in different areas:

When people seek recommendations from people they follow and trust, the post will aggregate the likes and comments from both your followers and the followers of the other influencer. As such, you may increase the exposure of your content in appropriate searches with this increased visibility and engagement because Instagram uses popularity signals to rank stuff in search results. Consider collaborating with well-known influencers in your target field when planning your influencer post.

6. Optimize Your Captions

You may optimize the caption itself and even add hashtags at the end. Be genuine in your content creation to maintain your image, but sprinkle in a few secondary keywords related to your business. Create a captivating caption that captivates current followers and entices new ones by making it keyword-rich.

In addition to attracting users' attention, a well-crafted caption may boost your visibility in search results. Including secondary keywords into the caption may help the system recognize that you are catering to your specific audience's needs.

7. Include Alt Texts

Instagram gives you the option to add descriptive alternative text to your photos. The program then uses a screen reader to read the picture's description aloud, allowing you to hear what the snapshot includes. Instagram users experiencing visual impairments were the first target audience for this alt-text feature.

This functionality has dual purposes: improving Instagram for visually challenged users and optimizing your Instagram account for search engines. If you want your Instagram photos to be more relevant to certain people, you should utilize keywords in the alt text to assist the algorithm in deciphering the picture.

Instagram will automatically create alt text for your photographs. However, it would help if you still altered this area to include extra informative language since the auto-generated selection may not be comprehensive enough.

8. Know Your Audience Well

Maintain a constant work ethic at all times. Keep using Instagram's best SEO principles here and understand your audience well to see where you can improve. Once you've mastered the SEO tactics, you can clutter the Instagram Explore Page.

Whether you choose Instagram analytics or other tools that offer in-depth analytics, you can take a look at your audience, their behaviour and preferences to optimize your Instagram account for their needs.

Your business will continue to reap the advantages of an SEO strategy that is regularly updated and maintained. You may increase your reach and attract more engaged, relevant followers by optimizing your Instagram account for search engines.


Remember that Instagram SEO won't magically increase your account's interaction and reach. These best practices will serve as a springboard for your long-term plan. Instagram SEO is a must-have to get your content in front of more eyes and ears. Your content will unquestionably provide several advantages to your business when executed correctly. Additionally, Instagram optimization is a trending topic. You can't compete if you aren't part of the game.